Maximum Compensation For Severe Truck Accidents

Every year, we see more trucks on the road. We are also seeing more injuries caused by truck accidents.

All kinds of situations lead to serious injuries:

  • Collisions with commercial vehicles
  • Accidents involving truck driver negligence
  • Accidents resulting from poor maintenance
  • Accidents caused by spilled cargo
  • Rollovers and jackknifes
  • Accidents involving truck drivers lacking credentials
  • Accidents involving alcohol
  • Injuries caused by overtired drivers
  • Injuries caused by distracted drivers
  • Bus accidents

Truck Accidents

Because of the tremendous weight differentials in truck accidents, many cause catastrophic injuries or fatalities.

Truck accidents require experienced attorneys to resolve issues of ownership of both the truck and trailer. Many times these owners are out of state. Driver's logs and other electronic data must be examined.

The law provides protection for those accidents that destroy people's lives. While it is only money, this compensation goes a long way toward closure.

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